Who We Are

The 4 Gnomon members

We support local artists, featuring work from emerging designers, even our models are local.

We donate a portion of our profits to local charities. 

We give our time and resources to support causes we each feel passionately about.

Each of our products are personally tested by us for quality, longevity and comfort. We believe that each new product we bring to our customers will not only be loved but will last.

Our belief is simple: If we wouldn't wear it, we don't make it, we all wear and enjoy Gnomon styles and we hope you will to.

Our Team

Emma Bonsall - Creative Director

Emma Bonsall

Emma Bonsall is a British born Business & Fashion design Graduate with a lifelong obsession with style and all things crafty. Her work has been published at home and abroad. In her spare time, when she can drag herself away from her vintage sewing machines she loves getting out in nature with her family and is a budding Mushroom nerd.

"So much about the Fashion industry is throw away, a quick Insta shot and on to the next. Joining Gnomon was a chance to break the mold, to offer clothing you'll want to wear again and again. Working with other passionate people that care about giving back to the community was the icing on the cake for me."

Glyn Morris - Social Media and Online Sales

Glyn Morris

Glyn is currently Finishing his degree for Computer Science and Marketing at Macewan University. He is an avid Mountain Biker and general outdoor enthusiast.

"Growing up with my interest in Computers, I felt like there wasn't a way for my talents to be used to help others. I'd see my friends becoming Doctors or Teachers and just thought to myself 'I wish what I love to do could help people like that'. For me, Gnomon is all about putting my skills and talents to use in a way that helps my community and people in need. It was the moment I realized there is something I can do and that I can make a difference." 

Michael Macfynn - Community Manager

Michael Macfynn

Michael lives his life just like our Rabbit shirt says “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get” He’s also learned that ADHD isn’t just a curse but it can also be a gift. It allows him to be more creative, energetic and constantly working on things to become better.  He loves bike riding with his family, playing Football and constantly learning new things. Little known fact - He is a Red Seal Professionally Trained Chef!

“I’ve loved taking things apart since I was a kid, I would take apart VCR’s, DVD players and any computer I could get my hands on. I love building things and Gnomon is something I wanted to build for a very long time. Since my wife’s diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis I needed to build something that would take care of us and I wanted to also make a difference in someone else’s life!  That’s why Gnomon had to have a philanthropic side from the very beginning!”

Cody Elford - Product Manager

Cody Elford