The Community Needs Your Help

We're stronger together as a community.

We hope you're all staying in and staying safe whatever that looks like to you and yours. 

As a small local business Gnomon is still working on new designs, working remotely and looking forward to getting through this. 

In times of need many more people lean on organisations like the Food bank to feed their families. 

We as ever would like to stand up and be counted, we can't offer a hug or even a handshake to those in need (as much as we'd love to) so instead we'll be focusing our charitable donations to Edmonton's Food bank until further notice. We've set a target of $250 this month and we'd love to smash it with your help.

In an effort to do our part, we're pledging $5 from the sale of any of our products directly to the foodbank. We're also offering free shipping within Alberta, so you can stay home, be safe, and limit your exposure.

All the best,
The Gnomon Team

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