Supporting Canadian Blood Services - Edmonton Clinic

*WARNING - The below post features pictures of blood being drawn for donation*

As most of us have heard recently, Canadian Blood services is in urgent need of Blood Donations as their reserves have reached critical levels. With our desire to make a difference in our local community, we at Gnomon decided to take action.

Gnomon founders Glyn Micheal and Cody at Canadian Blood Services

It's easy for a person or company to give money to a charitable organization in need, but quite often there are more meaningful things that can be done to help out. So we decided to roll up our sleeves.

Michael donating blood

Cody Donating Blood

Now we've done our part, we're challenging you to go out and do the same! To make it worth your while, we will take 10% off your purchase instead of a 10% monetary donation. Canadian Blood Services needs donors more than financial donations, so we feel this is the perfect way to give these guys a hand. If you would like to know more about donating blood, you can visit To get your discount code, just send us a message with proof of your donation, and we'll reply with a offer code.

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